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Remembering Patient Zero and the Wreckage of Antigay HIV Fear

A new documentary on HIV's supposed Patient Zero features commentary from writer Richard Vaughan, who recently died by suicide.

Joel Schumacher: Reluctant and Conflicted Gay Trailblazer

The filmmaker operated in a time of intense homophobia and had mixed feelings about his place in Hollywood history.

Why 'The Bionic Woman' Resonates With Queer, Feminist Audiences

A new book explores the show and its title character as queer icons.

Valerie Harper Was the Friend Every Gay Man Wanted

Harper, and her beloved character of Rhoda, were beautiful and kind underdogs.

The Watergate Hotel and the Nostalgia for Impeachment

With history eerily repeating itself, a writer checks in for a surreal stay at scandal central.

Behind the Scenes of Stonewall

Blockbuster director Roland Emmerich brings the landmark riots to the big screen.

Gays and Dolls: Why Chucky Wants a Comeback

Don Mancini on the horror and joy of Chucky, his unstoppable creation.

Op-ed: Love, Canadian Style

Lessons learned (or not) from Canada's decade-old experiment with legal same-sex marriages.

From The Advocate Archive: Valerie Harper Interview

Look back at actress Valerie Harper's talk with The Advocate in 2006 and find a true ally.

Ginsberg and Me

Shut Your Facebook

Dear America