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The New Cuban Revolucion

NY Public Library Goes Gay

If a picture is really worth a thousand words, the New York Public Library's powerful exhibit, "1969: The Year of Gay Liberation," is the essence of our history as LGBT Americans, condensed into indelible words and images.

Meet Ian Roberts

The Australian rugby star's coming-out was just the beginning of a journey that has led to Hollywood.

Eric Alva's new battle

The gay marine staff sergeant lost a leg fighting one enemy. Now he's taking on another--the U.S. military's antigay policy.

Katharine Hepburn: Leading Man

How do we know Kate Hepburn was one of the greatest actors ever? Because inside her soul, she was a boy named Jimmy. Biographer Bill Mann explains.

Kidnapped in Iraq: The closet or death

Peace activist James Loney knew he would be killed if his Iraqi captors found out he is gay. So did his partner, Dan, back in Canada, who had to go back into the closet.

She's no homophobe

Exclusive: How Stella Got Her Groove Back author Terry McMillan tells her side of the story on discovering her husband is gay, going through a tabloid divorce, and using the word "fag"

Dreaming in the land beyond the forest

A visit to Transylvania--and the palace known as Castle Dracula--takes a gay horror fiction enthusiast back to his childhood, to the origins of his several mingled identities as a person and a writer

Return of the Bride

This is no trick: Jennifer Tilly has a lot to say, and it's quite a treat to listen to her. In this extensive and amazing conversation, the star of Bound and Bride of Chucky talks about her screen personae, the Hollywood closet, and her take on the gay men who are her closest friends and most loyal fan-base.

Married in Canada

Great Scott

After years of struggling with his sexuality, Playgirl centerfold Scott Merritt is coming all the way out. To his surprise, so is Playgirl

Lovers in a dangerous time

In the groundbreaking film Soldier's Girl, actors Troy Garity and Lee Pace take on the real-life romance between Pfc. Barry Winchell and transgendered entertainer Calpernia Addams--an affair that led to Winchell's brutal murder

The queer report

Robert Gant and Peter Paige say Queer as Folk has made them reassess their goals and values. In a candid conversation, they report on the show's evolution--and their own progress in bridging their inner butch and fem

The full Paige

As the most flamboyant character on Showtime's Queer as Folk, out actor Peter Paige has given a lot of thought to the show's impact on gay lives--and on his own career and long-term relationship

Gale force

Queer as Folk's feisty Gale Harold takes aim against homophobia, fame, and critics of his character, Brian