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Tori Amos—unplugged

At the launch party of American Doll Posse at New York City's Spotlight Live venue, Tori Amos talks to us about the new album--and the "Popcorn Man"

Will 'Battlestar Galactica''s Lt. Felix Gaeta come out?

The Sci-Fi Network's Battlestar Galactica has touched on almost every political debate of the day--except gay rights. But wait, is someone on the Galactica ship making a run from the closet door?

Oprahs lipstick lesbians respond to Scarborough and company

When partners Nikki Weiss and Carole Antouri appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show earlier this month, they had a great time. That is, until they heard themselves discussed on the MSNBC talk show Scarborough Country. Now the women respond.

A son and mother come out

In their new book Conversations and Cosmopolitans, Robert Rave and his mom, Jane, discuss how Robert's coming-out brought them closer together. A National Coming Out Day special.