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Oprah's lipstick
lesbians respond to Scarborough and company

Oprah's lipstick
lesbians respond to Scarborough and company


When partners Nikki Weiss and Carole Antouri appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show earlier this month, they had a great time. That is, until they heard themselves discussed on the MSNBC talk show Scarborough Country. Now the women respond.

Partners CaroleAntouri andNikki Weiss appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show on October 2 for an episode about women who have left their husbands for other women. In addition to telling Oprah about their life together, they showed the talk-show diva their "lipstick kiss," the thoroughly innocent air kiss they do so as not to ruin their lipstick.Antouri and Weiss, who work in marketing and PR and are based in Los Angeles, enjoyed the experience and received plenty of positive feedback. However, when conservative TV personality Joe Scarborough hosted a discussion of the Oprah episode a few days later on his nightly MSNBC program, Scarborough Country, the feedback took a different tone. Talking with two reporters, one from Us Weekly and one from The Star, as well as a representative of the conservative group Citizens for Community Values, Scarborough raised objections to the sight of lesbians on TV at a time when kids could be watching. But the outrageous moment came when the representative from CCV stated her belief that gay parenting is the ultimate form of child abuse.Antouri and Weiss respond.How did you find out about the Scarborough coverage?Weiss:We had gotten calls that night from friends of ours who said, "You are all over the news." And I said, "For what? The show?"And they said, "Oh, yeah, MSNBC."Antouri:And, honestly, that night we didn't look up. We didn't think anything of it. But the next day, more calls, so we finally went online and watched the clip.Was it emotional to watch it?Antouri:I wasn't even offended. Sometimes you have to consider the source. I felt sorry for them--I thought, They're very isolated. Do they think the clerk at the grocery story is straight? Do they think the chef at their favorite restaurant is definitely straight? I just figure they are uneducated. I don't want to say anything that sounds angry because that doesn't make me any better, but I just think they didn't educate themselves.Weiss:The only thing that really bothered me was the statement if you have children and you are gay, that's abusive. That is what put me over the edge. That's why I wanted to do this interview.What do you make of Scarborough's claim that lesbians shouldn't be seen on daytime TV?Weiss:I think this show, unto itself, would have been very educational for a child and they probably would have asked a lot of good questions--and not grown up being afraid [of homosexuality] and accepting it.And what about your "lipstick kiss"? They were obsessed with it--and it was so innocent!Weiss:They were very focused on the whole lipstick kiss. Yet you have shows like The Bachelor where they're making out with different women, maybe five a night, and that's OK. But Carole and I have real feelings for each other, so I think it's a little bit threatening for people.Do you know if Oprah said anything about this?Weiss:What we do know from Oprah is that she really enjoyed the show, as did all of her staff. And we heard there might be a follow-up show because there has been so much attention. She was very thrilled with the show.
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