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Words, Action, and Pride in the Park

The exhibition opening for Pride Publics: Words and Actions will showcase artists highlighted in the exhibition and will take place at Los Angeles State Historic Park.

Protest Culture Is What Pride Is Really About

"Pride Publics: Words and Actions" examines themes central to LGBTQ + public life and highlights trailblazers and their visions.

34 Photos of Active and Former L.A. Cruising Sites by Ruben Esparza

In May 2019, as a counterpoint to corporate Pride celebrations, artist Rubén Esparza presented photos of famous cruising sites around L.A.

95 Explosively Erotic Works of Art From the Tom Art & Culture Festival

This year marks the 23rd annual Tom of Finland Art and Culture Festival, located at the Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument where Tom of Finland Foundation has operated since 1984.

48 Photos of Art, Random Nudity, and Resistance

“The Violators” gathered lively artwork from artists and performers that has been banned, censored, and blocked from their own social media accounts. Then the party happened.

62 Polaroids of Queer Folk -- A Warholian take of L.A.

Ruben Esparza's Polaroids capture the flamboyant and diverse queer artists who make Los Angeles an art center.

Paraisos: Queer L.A. Latinx Art Creates Community

The artists in the "Paraisos" exhibition search for community outside of the white, heteronormative art world.