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NASA Says No Evidence James Webb Telescope Namesake Fired LGBTQ+ Staff

An investigation into Webb's alleged homophobic actions stems from the firing of gay NASA employee Clifford Norton during the Lavender Scare.

Kevin Conroy, Gay Actor & Longtime Voice of Batman, Dies at 66

Conroy's voice work in the role is the basis for every iteration of Batman popular culture has seen since.

The Biggest Trans Survey in the U.S. Is Under Way; Why It Matters

The survey is open until November 21.

Patrick Haggerty, Trailblazing Gay Country Star, Dies at 78

Rejected by country music for his queerness, Haggerty spent decades advocating for HIV awareness, LGBTQ+ causes, and the civil rights of Black Americans.

Marilyn Loden, Labor Advocate Behind Term 'Glass Ceiling,' Dies at 76

(CNN) Loden leaves behind a rich history of advocating for working women.

Billy Eichner Clarifies 'Disposable' LGBTQ+ Streaming Comment

(CNN) "This is not an indie movie," Eichner previously said. "This is not some streaming thing which feels disposable, or which is like one of a million Netflix shows."