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17 Hot Photos Where Fashion Meets Flesh

Sit back and enjoy the versatility of Russian photographer Stas Vokman.

Liquid Dream Guys From Stas Vokman

Stas Vokman's underwater photos of men create a different reality than our regular land experience.

Stas Vokman and the Purity of the Naked Male

Without props or a storyline, what's left is the dramatic beauty of a fine form.

Props for Classic Nude Photos by Stas Vokman

Russian photographer Stas Vokman dismantles and disrobes the properties of shooting men naked in the classical style.

Is It Time to Go Back to the Gym Yet?

Russian photographer Stas Vokman has provided us some inspiration to leave the COVID nest and get a little exercise.

Aleksander Loses the Costume in 11 Photos by Stas Vokman

Some pretty interesting underwear falls off as well.

7 Photos of Peter Coming Out In the Sun

Photographer Stas Vokman works with the world's top models. Getting them out in the light of day can some times be a struggle.

Daniel Puts On a Show in 9 Photos

Russian photographer Stas Vokman caught Daniel in a mood to show it all off.

8 Photos of Denis Taking a Bath by Stas Vokman

Russian photographer Stas Vokman makes sure Dennis is clean. Everywhere.

46 Photos of Spanish Guys Dropping Swimsuits for the Camera

The very generous and talented Russian photographer Stas Vokman sent us these photos while they were still wet.