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Advice on Maintaining Peace at an Overly Political Dinner Table

That old edict to never discuss politics or religion at the dinner table is passe, so how do you handle a right-wing family member? Mr. Manners pulls five options from under his napkin.

Remembering David Rakoff

A personal remembrance on the impact of the gifted humorist.

What to Wear for My Wedding

If you're planning a wedding, then Steven Petrow's guide, The New Gay Wedding, is truly a practical primer for brides and grooms, their families and guests. Here's an excerpt on how to handle wedding attire.

Advice on the Sex Etiquette of STDs

On the heels of the International HIV/AIDS Conference, Mr. Manners answers your top questions about sex etiquette when it comes HIV and other STDs.

Advice on the Right Way to Defuse a Bully and Refer to a Lesbian Couple

In this week's two-fer, Mr. Manners deals with a homophobic restaurant confrontation and answers a tricky etiquette question: Can you refer to a lesbian couple as Mrs. and Mrs.? You'll be surprised.

Advice on Politely Ditching That Guy at the Bar

This week Mr. Manners tackles the very delicate challenge of how to lose someone at a bar or club - politely, of course.

Mr Manners on What Fathers Day Means for Kids With Two Mommies

What to do when your kid has two moms -- and no dad -- and the teacher decides everyone will be making Father's Day cards? Mr. Manners comes to the rescue.

Same-Sex Marriage and the Question of a Gay Pre-Nup

In this week's column, Mr. Manners deals with same-sex pre-nups. Yes, with marriage equality comes divorce equality, so be sure to have all the protections the law provides.

What to Do If Unsure How to React to North Carolina

What does Mr. Manners think about the brewing boycott of North Carolina now that 61% of voters approved the same-sex marriage ban? Not too much.

Op-ed: Funerals as Fundraisers?

One reader wonders whether it's ever appropriate to raise money at a funeral, or if there are courtesies that need following.