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Why Race Dominates Talk Among LGBT Activists

Several attendees of this year's Creating Change conference aimed to remind others of the racial rifts that must be mended.

ENDA: 5 Congress Members Who Could Make The Difference

President Obama may have signed an order to protect LGBT employees of federal contractors, but most LGBT people still live in areas without employment protections.

Will These Lawmakers Support a Trans-Inclusive ENDA?

After calling out the remaining House Democrats who haven't cosponsored ENDA, Freedom to Work is now setting its sights on five House Republicans -- including a former vice-presidential candidate.

Supreme Court Gives Pa. Clerk The Final No

The highest court in the U.S. will not hear a final effort to uphold Pennsylvania's marriage ban.

Why Are These Congressmen Still So Leery of Cosponsoring ENDA?

Several of these lawmakers have already cast pro-LGBT votes in Congress. So why are they dragging their feet in supporting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act?

Part 2: Will These 5 Congressmen Cosponsor ENDA?

Do these two Democrats and three Republicans have what it takes to get Speaker Boehner to care about ENDA by cosponsoring it?

Can These 5 Congressmen Be Convinced to Cosponsor ENDA?

Advocacy group Freedom to Work has a new plan to convince a majority of U.S. representatives to cosponsor the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.