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The GOP Is Dying. The Only Way They Can Win Is by Cheating

Battling Republican-led voter suppression should be a rallying cry for every LGBTQ+ American.

Trump’s Dangerous Blueprint For Republicans

The GOP knows it's in the minority, but that just makes its leaders more desperate and frightening.

No, We Can’t Just Move on From the Trump Years

Republicans want us to forget about the last 48 months of terror. For the sake of the nation, we cannot.

Georgia Senate Seats Could Keep McConnell in Power, Trump Out of Jail

Of course, the Senate Majority Leader has a vested interest in the Georgia run-offs, but the one-term president does too.

Trump's Lame Duck Months Could Be America's Scariest Era

If Trump loses, look for him to seek vengeance on the country that rejected him.

The 2020 Election Is About Survival

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg means democracy and the Earth's survival are on the ballot in November.

Enjoy the RNC But Don't Forget: The Party's Over

Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for letting Trump destroy their party.

November Election Will Determine What Kind of Nation We Will Be

Will we climb out of the abyss created by Donald Trump or fall deeper into it?

An Honest Trump 2020 Slogan: 'I Dithered While They Died'

Trump fears the crisis will cost him reelection, so he's doing everything he can to deflect from his mismanagement, writes Susan SurfTone.

Don't Be Shocked If Trump Tries to Delay the Election

The huckster always sees crisis as opportunity, says former FBI agent Susan SurfTone.

Trump's Reelection Strategy Is to Make Us Doubt Everything

The wannabe dictator's unspoken slogan: Doubt the Dems, doubt our institutions, doubt the truth; nothing matters so just vote for me.

The Coming Sham Impeachment Trial Proves Trump Owns the GOP

Republicans stood against corrupt Nixon. An even greater presidential monster has emerged, but his party doesn't demur this time. We'll all pay the price.

Trump Impeachment Is a Game of Numbers for Republicans

The GOP is not concerned with the rule of law but with holding on to Trump's base and its Senate majority, writes Susan SurfTone.

Trump's Final Act — or Ours?

Former FBI agent Susan SurfTone looks at the past week's news and sees the beginning of an end.

The Unclean Hands of Donald J. Trump

Trump's hands are too filthy to hold the fate of the nation, writes Susan SurfTone.

Trump Is Horrible, But Mitch McConnell Is Really Destroying America

By abusing power, the Senate majority leader has held back progress on everything from LGBTQ rights to environmental protections. He must go.

Trump Finally Gets His Roy Cohn

If Trump knows how to do one thing, it's finding sycophants who will cover up his crimes.

Real Enemies of the People: AG William Barr and the GOP Senate

Trump's attorney general, rammed through by the Senate, was chosen for his aversion to the Special Counsel probe. Now, we may never know the real truth.

Imagine How Trump Would Have Handled the Onset of AIDS

Former FBI agent Susan SurfTone considers how the president would react to an untreatable deadly disease striking an unpopular minority.

Have Mitch McConnell and the GOP Deserted Democracy?

The Senate Majority Leader demonstrates absolute contempt for America, writes former FBI agent Susan SurfTone.