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What Ever Happened to GMHC?

"First in the fight against AIDS," as it long billed itself, the New York agency once known as Gay Men's Health Crisis is sinking under a huge rent on unused space, a vacuum of leadership, the dimming of its voice in HIV prevention, and criticism from all sides. Can it possibly right itself?

The House at Heartland Crossing

When a male couple in their 70s were brutally killed in their Indiana home last fall, it seemed like a clear-cut hate crime. No one suspected that the killer might be a man whom one of the elderly victims had met while cruising online.

The Believers

Three years after the furor over a teenage boy who was forcibly sent to one of its camps, the ex-gay movement may be losing steam. Meanwhile, ex-gay survivors are gaining strength. But are the two groups really that different? Tim Murphy finds out.

Staph Retreat

Reports of a "flesh-eating," drug-resistant bacterial infection spreading among gay men prompted a media frenzy, a gay backlash, and finally, an apology from the researchers behind the study. Tim Murphy sorts out what happened -- and what you need to know about MRSA.

Gay vs. Trans in America

Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender. In the aftermath of ENDA, can't we all just get along? An Advocate round table on the state of the community now.

From ABCs to LGBT

The 1996 documentary It's Elementary showed teachers talking about gay people with their students. A decade later, its impact can be seen in classrooms, state laws, and the kids -- now grown -- who appeared in it.

Doctor, doctor: David Ho

David Ho developed HIV cocktail therapy, which was introduced in the mid 1990s and has since made AIDS a chronic but manageable illness for many. Now he's focused on finding a vaccine. One-on-one with an AIDS pioneer.