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Anne Hathaway & Rebel Wilson on The Hustle's Lesbian, Feminist Twist

The stars of The Hustle spoke with The Advocate on the red carpet at the movie's premiere. 

Bold Type's Katie Stevens on Checking White Privilege & Lifting Others

Stevens speaks with The Advocate about female friendships and what she learned from her character being unaware of her white privilege. 

'Bold Type's' Aisha Dee on Female Friendship and Playing Bisexual

The actress behind Kat teases the next phase of her character's same-sex relationship.

Even Fox's 'Rent' Cast Had Trouble Paying Rent

Valentina, Kiersey Clemons, Vanessa Hudgens, Tinashe, and Jordan Fisher discuss their biggest challenges making rent. 

Rent Cast on Tackling LGBTQ Representation, AIDS, Class in 2019

The actresses opened up about bringing the LGBTQ representation from the 1990s Broadway musical to a national audience.

Ranchera Singer Chavela Vargas Wears Pants, Blows Minds

The famed lesbian's fascinating life is retold in the new documentary Chavela.