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Billie Jean King

More about Billie Jean King, the lesbian tennis great who beat bobby Riggs in a September 1973 "Battle of the Sexes" tennis match. King was a vocal advocate for women's equal pay and equal rights and her match against Riggs was symbolic of women's struggle for equality. She founded the Women's Tennis Association and Women's Sports Foundation. Billie Jean King made headlines in 1998 when she came out of the closet. In 2000 she served as the first openly gay coach of the United States women's tennis team.

Billie Jean King says a Massachusetts challenge to a kids book about her is ‘so very sad’

A mother has asked her child’s school to remove the book because it mentions LGBTQ+ people and divorce. The lesbian tennis legend had thoughts.

Billie Jean King sends birthday love to 97-year-old 'A League of Their Own' inspiration Maybelle Blair

Maybelle "All the Way Mae" Blair is still slinging as she marks her 97th birthday.

Here's Why Coco Gauff Thanked Tennis Legend Billie Jean King After U.S. Open Win

Gauff gave a shout out to the lesbian icon after receiving her $3 million check.

Billie Jean King on Her Legendary Career: 'Pressure Is a Privilege'

The out trailblazer talks about the epiphany she had as a 12-year-old that changed her life.

Billie Jean King Reveals She Secretly Married Her Partner in 2018

The tennis legend also weighs in on the concept of fluid sexuality. 

Billie Jean King Praises Meghan's 'Honesty' in Mental Health Struggles

The lesbian tennis legend called for greater acceptance, less stigma, and help for sufferers.

Billie Jean King Relives Her Historic Dollar Rebellion for Women

For International Women's Day, learn how this lesbian icon took a stand for fair pay over 50 years ago.

Billie Jean King Action Figure Comes With Racket to Smash Stereotypes

The action figure of the tennis legend is modeled after her look when she beat Bobby Riggs in the infamous Battle of the Sexes. 

Pro Golfer Mel Reid Comes Out, Joins Athlete Ally

"It's important for me to always fight for equality," says the six-time Ladies European Tour champ.

Billie Jean King Now Owns Part of the L.A. Dodgers

The out tennis icon and her partner bought an undisclosed percentage of the baseball team.

Billie Jean King Slams U.S. Open Umpire for Sexist 'Abuse of Power'

In an op-ed for The Washington Post, King praised Serena Williams for standing up to tennis's double standard that unfairly punishes women of color. 

Rafael Nadal Could Learn a Lesson from Watching Battle of the Sexes

Billie Jean King called out Nadal, who argued against equal pay for women based on his factually incorrect ideas about which gender draws more viewers. 

50 Years, 50 Heroes: Honoring Billie Jean King

The Advocate's feminism editor, Tracy E. Gilchrist, honors Billie Jean King's contributions to women's empowerment and LGBT visibility.

'Real Sports' Investigates if Homophobe Margaret Court's Tennis Legacy Is Safe

Veteran sportscaster Mary Carillo spent days with Court at her ministry in Australia, where she feeds the homeless and espouses the idea that homosexuality can be cured. 

Margaret Court 'Disappointed' Billie Jean King Called Out Her Homophobia

Court, who has a history of making virulent anti-LGBT statements, tries to prove she doesn't hate gay people by mentioning she uses a gay florist at her church. 

Margaret Court's Husband Lobs Accusations Back at Billie Jean King

Barry Court defended his wife, anti-LGBT tennis champ Margaret Court, when King called for a name change to Margaret Court Arena. 

Billie Jean King Calls for Margaret Court Arena Name Change Over Homophobic Comments

Australian tennis champ Court has amped up her hateful anti-LGBT statements since marriage equality passed there late last year.

Homophobe Margaret Court: Livid Over Marriage Equality in Australia

If Australians voting "yes" to marriage didn't upset Court enough, Martina Navratilova dragged her on Twitter about the upcoming holidays.

'Battle of the Sexes' Slams a Solid Opening Weekend

Audiences gave love to the film starring Emma Stone as lesbian tennis star Billie Jean King.

Billie Jean King's Battle of the Sexes Win Was for Everyone

The tennis legend put her reputation on the line for women's equality, but she's always been an intersectional force.