Boy Scouts of America

Latest news about ongoing discrimination in the Boy Scouts of America. Previously, the boys scouting organization had an effective ban against young members who identified as gay. In protest, many Eagle Scouts, which is the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America, returned their Eagle Scout badges. Effective January 2014, the ban against gay young members is lifted, after controversy about the policy prompted a national vote among its leaders. Zach Wahls, an Eagle Scout, LGBT activist, and the son of two lesbian mothers, founded Scouts For Equality, which lobbies for change in the national organization.

It’s sad that we still see so many different programs in terms of the gender binary. Thankfully, BSA is getting with the times.

October 13 2017 1:50 PM

Girls will be admitted to the Cub Scouts, while a program for older girls will soon be developed.

October 11 2017 4:50 PM

The Boy Scouts of America finally apologizes for Trump's self-congratulatory political speech to a group of young men.

July 27 2017 3:45 PM

Church officials say the Boy Scouts' liberalization of gay and trans policies did not factor in the decision, though Mormon leaders previously expressed concern about the Scouts' pro-LGBT stances.

May 11 2017 7:34 PM

Katie Couric and Joe Maldonado discuss the journey from being kicked out of the Boy Scouts to ultimate acceptance.

February 10 2017 5:55 PM

Nine-year-old Joe Maldonado was jubilant as he wore his new Cub Scout uniform for New Jersey's Pack 20.

February 09 2017 6:11 PM

The change is effective immediately.

January 30 2017 8:59 PM