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Brian Sims

The latest news about Brian Sims, the out gay member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. As an attorney and longtime outspoken advocate for LGBT equality, Philadephia's Rep. Brian Sims pursues LGBT rights in the Keystone State, an effort that includes marriage recognition. Sims is the former captain of an NCAA Division II championship football team at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. He became the first openly gay captain in the history of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. He also holds a law degree from Michigan State University.

Brian Sims Reports Huge Campaign Haul for Penn. Lt. Governor Race

The gay politician has received financial support from across the nation.

The Advocate to Interview Carmen Carrera, Rep. Sims at Unleashed LGBTQ

The event is a virtual networking opportunity for LGBTQ+ professionals.

Out Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims Running for Lieutenant Governor

The gay Democrat, an outspoken progressive, was the first out member of the state legislature.

Gay Pa. Rep. Brian Sims Blasts GOP for Hiding COVID-19 Exposures

The Pennsylvania lawmaker said Republicans "were testing positive" while failing to notify Democrats.


Gay Politician Brian Sims: Why I’m Endorsing Elizabeth Warren

The first openly gay legislator in Pennsylvania explains why Warren is his pick for president.

GOP Slams Rep. Brian Sims for Videos of Planned Parenthood Protesters

The gay representative from Pennsyvania has drawn the ire of conservatives like Ted Cruz for videos he posted of Planned Parenthood protesters. 

To Battle Stigma, Out Rep. Brian Sims Goes Public on His PrEP Use

The Pennsylvania lawmaker said the LGBTQ community must not allow shame to sully the HIV preventative.

Brian Sims to Marsha Blackburn: Stop Lying About Dems Causing Shutdown

"From one elected official to another: Stop Lying. It's gross," the gay Pennsylvania lawmaker told Tennessee's Republican senator-elect.

Here's How Brian Sims Welcomed Mike Pence to Philadelphia

The out lawmaker posted a message to Instagram that is getting a lot attention.

Penn. Lawmaker Brian Sims Labeled 'Lying Homosexual' by Colleague

The war of words between Sims and homophobe Daryl Metcalfe escalates.

Pa. Dems Urge Antigay Lawmaker to Resign After 'Random Homophobic Tirade'

Republican state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe proclaimed his heterosexuality in an outburst after a male colleague touched his arm in a meeting.

Politician Brian Sims Is in Love, and His Constituents Know It

The Pennsylvania legislator recently featured his partner in new campaign materials, something he was long warned against doing.

Gay Bars Boycott Yuengling Beer After Owner Comes Out for Donald Trump

In earning the wrath of the LGBT community, Yuengling is following in the footsteps of companies like Chick-fil-A and Barilla.

This Video of Brian Sims Lip-Synching Little Mermaid in His Car Is Going Viral

The out Pennsylvania legislator racks up the plays for his solo performance of "Part of Your World."

Brian Sims Explains Philly-Speak (Video)

During the Democratic National Convention, the out state legislator explains local parlance.

Out Politician Brian Sims Ends Congressional Run

In a surprise move, Sims endorses another candidate for the House of Representatives.

Brian Sims Is Making Women's Rights His Fight

Brian Sims, Pennsylvania's first out state legislator and current candidate for Congress, doesn't understand why all gay and bi men aren't advocating for reproductive rights and pay equity.

Brian Sims Is Congress's Great Gay Hope

Don't let that mug fool you -- this Pennsylvania legislator is primed for battle against the Paul Ryans and Kim Davises of the world.

Out Lawmaker Brian Sims Reveals His Next Move

Pennsylvania's first out state lawmaker announced today that he is running in the 2nd Congressional District primary race.

Op-ed: Yes, the Philly Attack Was a Hate Crime

We must fight for fully inclusive hate-crimes laws in Pennsylvania and beyond, says Rep. Brian Sims.