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See Why Jane Lynch Is Boycotting Amway

See Why Jane Lynch Is Boycotting Amway

Out actress and comedian Jane Lynch is boycotting Amway in response to the company president's antigay donations.

Activist Fred Karger has been warning that Amway is the new Chick-fil-A and launched Doug DeVos is the health and beauty company's co-owner and tax records show he and his wife recently gave $500,000 to the antigay National Organization for Marriage.

Lynch "grabbed the pen out of my hand and signed away," said Karger, the founder of Rights Equal Rights, according to MLive. The site posted a photo of the signed postcard to the DeVos family. Lynch's support could add a spark to Karger's online petition with a similar message to Amway: "Stop donating to anti gay marriage organizations like NOM!"

The company has responded by calling the DeVos donations part of their role as "private citizens." Karger agrees they have a right to free speech, and "so do we."

The DeVos family and Amway have several affiliated companies, including brands like Nutrilite vitamins and Laura Mercier cosmetics, even the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team.

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