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Taimi App Founder Alex Pasykov on the Strength of Allyship

Alex Pasykov, founder of Taimi

The creator of Taimi, the world's largest LGBTQ+ social media platform, shares his story of becoming an advocate for the disenfranchised.

Alex Pasykov, the man behind the LGBTQ+ platform Taimi, recently published an open letter on social media encouraging allies to speak out for human rights, equality, and the LGBTQ+ community by using the hashtag #AllySpeaksOut. Taimi is a popular LGBTQ+ social media site that launched in the U.S. nearly three years ago.

In his open letter, Pasykov talks about being a strong supporter of equality and how straight folks can stand up for their LGBTQ+ friends, coworkers, family, and acquaintances.

It's not just about being a voice for the marginalized members of your circle, Pasykov says, but also speaking out and taking action against discrimination and prejudice around the world.

"In more than 70 countries in the world, being LGBTQ+ is illegal," Pasykov says. "Not to mention the many societal prejudices LGBTQ+ people face in countries where they have legal protections. Say, the Netherlands, which was the first country to legalize same-sex unions. In this country, freedom should reign supreme, but shockingly far-right views are on the rise, and LGBTQ+ people face discrimination on a societal level now more than ever."

Pasykov admits that becoming an ally is not an overnight thing; at least it wasn't for him. A few years ago, Pasykov, who built his career in Information Technology, saw a demand among his LGBTQ+ friends and community for a secure space to connect, chat, and build relationships. That's why he created Taimi.

Taimi's mission is to combat homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia around the world and support the LGBTQ+ community in obtaining full equality. Many of the employees at the company identify as LGBTQ+, but there is also a significant number of straight and cisgender employees who proudly wear the ally badge. Pasykov underlines that being an ally can make a huge difference within the workplace, which he describes as a "strong family unit." The company continues to work closely with NGOs and Pride festivals to personally advance equality.

"Being an ally is more than words," Pasykov says. "It means that in your daily life, you have to speak up for equality. I understand that not every straight person is ready to be an ally, but I hope my story will encourage more and more people to come out as allies, to speak up, to fight, to raise awareness."

To join Taimi's LGBTQ+ community, find new connections, go on dates or casually chat, download Taimi here.

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