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Extremist Catholic Orders Antigay Cake From Black Lesbian-Owned Bakery

Good Cakes and Bakes received an order for red velvet cake -- iced with "Homosexual acts are gravely evil."

Masterpiece Cakeshop, Colo. Civil Rights Commission Declare Truce

Although the state is no longer pursuing action against the owner of the antigay bakery, a trans woman may still file suit against him.

Arizona DMV Funneled $900K to Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group

The state's "In God We Trust" license plates fund the Alliance Defending Freedom, which works to abolish women's rights, marriage equality, and trans existence.

Masterpiece Cakeshop Being Harassed, Attorneys Argue in Court

Attorneys for anti-LGBTQ baker Jack Phillips contend the state of Colorado is unfairly targeting him by enforcing its antidiscrimination law.

Antigay North Irish Bakery Closes Branch After U.K. Supreme Court Win

A fire has forced a business known for its "gay cake" case to shutter one of its locations.

Masterpiece Cakeshop Owner Refused to Serve Trans Woman

The woman filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission; bakery owner Jack Phillips responded by filing a lawsuit against the state.

Labor Department to Contractors: Feel Free to Discriminate

A new memo urges those enforcing antidiscrimination orders to take a contractor's religious beliefs into account.

94 Photos of Denver Pride Say it Loud & Say it Proud

The recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of a Colorado baker who denied a same-sex couple a wedding cake was frosted over with rainbows, glitter, and Pride flags this weekend in Denver.

Annise Parker's Post-Cakeshop Battle Plan

The former Houston mayor and current president of the LGBTQ Victory Fund is unbowed and wants you to be too.

The Cake Shop Ruling Should Be a Rallying Cry for Every LGBT Person

Don't just fume, take action, writes SAGE's Michael Adams.

'The Advocates' Podcast: Straight Cakes, Gay Dads and Queer Parades

Advocate editor in chief Lucas Grindley shares what it's like being a gay father on Father's Day and during Pride.

Jim Obergefell, Marriage Equality Hero: Religion Is Being Weaponized

The man who helped legalize same-sex marriage in the U.S. reflects on the Supreme Court siding with a baker who denied a cake to a gay couple.

Denver Church Responds to Wedding Cake Case With Inclusive Message

A church not far from the bakery where the proprietor refused service to a gay couple is trolling the anti-LGBT baker with a positive message. 

Tony Perkins Is Furious CrossFit Canned Its Antigay Employee

The president of the Family Research Council stand up for a man who described LGBT people as "sinful" and "intolerant."

Trump and Twitter Are Sending Us Into Panic Spirals

We're all jumpy these days. That was most evident when the complicated Cakeshop decision came down.

Sarah Sanders Offers Trump's Praise for Cakeshop Ruling

Asked about the baker's freedom versus that of athletes who protest, the White House aide said the issues are different.

Cake Shop Couple: We're 'Fighting for the Rights of Our People'

After a judge ruled that an antigay baker could discriminate against them, Charlie Craig and David Mullins are unbowed.

Farmer Sues Market for Barring Him Over Anti-LGBT Bias

Steve Tennes was banned from a Michigan farmers' market after refusing to let same-sex couples marry at his apple orchard.

How Should Pride Respond to Cakeshop?

Rev. Troy Perry, the president of L.A. Pride, and readers of The Advocate weigh in on the LGBT community's response to the Supreme Court decision.

14 Wedding Cakes to Remind Us Even the Supreme Court Can't Stop Gay Love

The Supreme Court ruled that a baker could refuse to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples. Here's what this baker and othes who discriminate are missing out on.