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This new LGBTQ+ thrift store in Pennsylvania offers judgement-free fashion

A thrift store in Lancaster County recently opened, giving LGBTQ+ people the opportunity to explore their identities while being "encouraged and built up."

Compassionate Business Policies Pay Off

So-called ESG policies benefit employees, the public, and the bottom line, writes this executive.

Gay Nude Resort Must Allow Women, Judge Declares

People identifying as women should be allowed to rent rooms and patronize the clothing-optional areas of a Key West resort, a judge recently ruled.

LGBTQ+ Professionals Fear New Laws Could Jeopardize Their Careers: Report

As many queer people escape GOP-led state legislatures passing anti-LGBTQ+ bills, a new report indicates LGBTQ+ professionals worry about what their professional life holds.

Why It's Critical to Get Your LGBTQ-Owned Business Certified

Out business owners can work together for their bottom lines and the greater good.

Drag Race's Nina West on 6 Tips for LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs

GoDaddy launches new episodes of their podcast, Business Curious, celebrating LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to get out there and make their own way. Guests include Nina West, Noah Wilson-Rich, Maggie Lea, Angelica Ross, and Robbi Katherine Anthony. Today, GoDaddy Brand Director Adam Palmer and Nina West sit down to discuss Nina's advice for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and the lessons she's learned over her career as a drag queen, activist, actor, and singer-songwriter.

A Love Letter to My First Lesbian Bar and to Holding Queer Space

Comic Gloria Bigelow remembers the joy discovering My Sister's Room and other LGBTQ+ spaces so integral to queer lives. 

62 Dead (or Dying) Gay Bars in the United States

These establishments catering to the LGBTQ+ community are now shuttered — or have one martini in the grave.

Kentucky's Largest City Embraces LGBTQ-Owned Businesses

Louisville will now ensure LGBTQ business owners are considered for city contracts.

Keeping the LGBTQ Community Financially Strong During COVID-19

Queer-owned businesses can get through this challenging time, the co-founders of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce tell us.

U.K. Bakery Targeted for Making Gingerbread 'Persons' Instead of Men

Apparently people feel that gingerbread treats must always be men.

Gay American Sues Jerusalem Pizzeria That Refused to Serve Him

An American training to be a rabbi in Israel couldn't order pizza because he was wearing a gay pride tank top.

Hotelier Tells Lesbian Couple They 'Should Be Put in a Cage'

A complaint about an unpleasant stay at a hotel in England was met with homophobia, the women say -- but the owner says that's not the case.

Los Angeles Gay Bar Mattachine Closes Its Doors

Another gay bar has vanished, but this closing comes as something of a surprise.

After Cakeshop Ruling, Yelp Adds 'Open To All' Filter

In response to businesses turning away LGBT people, Yelp is allowing inclusive shops to declare they welcome all customers.

Think of All the Gay Waiters and Lesbian Bartenders

Owners and managers in the restaurant world -- an industry not known for benefits or protections -- are trying to create a better work environment for all.

One of the South's Last Lesbian Bars Is Closing for No Good Reason

A 35-year-old community haven may become a parking lot, or a turn lane, thanks to officials in Norfolk, Va.

Survivors of Pulse Attack Sue Club Owners

Survivors and victims' family members contend the club had insufficient security.