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Beijing LGBT Center Latest Victim of China's Anti-LGBTQ+ Crackdown

The group made the abrupt announcement on social media, then ceased all operations.

TikTok Tracked When Users Watched Gay Content: Report

The company claims that it no longer does this.

Gay Dialogue in ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ Removed From Screenings in China

All references to Dumbledore and Grindelwald's romantic past were reportedly edited out at the Chinese government's request.

Friends' Lesbian Storyline Censored in China

Viewers say scenes featuring Ross's ex-wife, Carol, have been cut as well as lines from other LGBTQ+ characters.

New Law in China Leads Grindr to Leave App Store There

Officials with the gay dating app anticipate additional regulations due to a new law on personal information, so they have withdrawn it from China.


Lesbian Pop Star Denise Ho Arrested by Hong Kong Authorities

Ho was arrested Wednesday as part of a crackdown on the pro-democracy media outlet Stand News. 

Chinese LGBTQ+ Activist Group Shuts Down Amid Growing Repression

LGBT Rights Advocacy China is suspending its work indefinitely, the group announced.

Chinese Volleyball Star Comes Out as Country Steps Up LGBTQ+ Censoring

Sun Wenjing, posting about her relationship with her girlfriend, has become one of the few out athletes in China.

China Bans Effeminate, 'Sissy' Men from Television Broadcasts

It's another attempt by the country's leadership to tighten control of Chinese society.  

Cartier Ad Claims Gay Couple With Rings Are 'Father and Son'

The jewelry company is being accused of closeting queer love in a Trinity ring campaign in China.

Trump Says He'll Ban Chinese-Owned TikTok From U.S.

The U.S. government has concerns about data security on the app, but Trump could be acting on grudges against TikTok or China.


Chinese Ad Featuring Gay Couple Challenges Country's Taboos

A commercial from an e-commerce subsidiary of Alibaba is showing a progressive vision of the Chinese New Year.

Chinese LGBTQ Activists See Hope for Marriage Equality

The nation's government has acknowledged petitions for equal marriage rights, an unusual move.

Star Wars' Gay Kiss Slips Through China's Censors

Some hailed the kiss as a victory; others called it "baffling."

Over 200,000 People Sign Petition for Marriage Equality in China

Some 200,000 sent written requests for China to recognize same-sex unions.

LGBTQ People Are Being Forced Into 'Conversion Therapy' in China

Human rights groups found centers taking individuals in against their will and using practices including electroshock therapy.

Trans People in China Risking Their Lives With Self-Surgery

A new Amnesty International report highlights the dangers of discrimination in the world's most populous nation.

Fatherhood Is Finally Within Reach for Some Gay Men in China

LGBTQ family-building is in its infancy in China, and it has the potential to create long-lasting cultural change.

Chinese Social Media Giant Weibo Cracks Down on Lesbian Content

User fought back with the hashtag #IamLes.

36 Photos of Young Gay Love in China

Heartpatrick shows us there is romance and poetry in bow ties and jockey shorts.