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Chris Kluwe

The latest news about Chris Kluwe, the outspoken NFL punter, formerly of the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks. His letter to Maryland politician Emmett Burns that defended football player Brendon Ayanbadejo's support of marriage equality, published on Deadspin, propelled him to the national spotlight as an advocate for the LGBT community. He is also a member of Athlete Ally, a nonprofit organization founded by wrestler Hudson Taylor that seems to end homophobia and discrimination in the world of sports.

Chris Kluwe: Funding Repeal of Houston Antibias Law Will 'Enable Hateful Cowards'

And that's the least of what Kluwe said about Houston Texans owner Bob McNair's donation to the effort to repeal the city's LGBT-inclusive law.

Vikings Coach Mike Priefer Back At Practice

After a two-game suspension and sensitivity training for his antigay comments, special teams coach Mike Priefer has returned to his post.

Kluwe to NFL: The Tape Doesn't Lie

Chris Kluwe says it's ironic that a league that is so dependent on instant replays is having a hard time with a different type of video evidence.

Vikings Claim No Fault, Chris Kluwe Won't Drop Lawsuit

After the findings of an internal investigation of the allegedly homophobic environment of the Minnestota Vikings' locker room were released, former punter and LGBT ally Chris Kluwe says he still plans to sue the team.

Kluwe: Vikings Won't Share Investigation of Team Homophobia

A year after Chris Kluwe was cut from the Minnesota Vikings and possibly blacklisted from the NFL, an internal investigation into the team will not be released, despite promises to do so.


WATCH: Chris Kluwe Will Sue Vikings If Necessary

Former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe says that if the internal investigation clears the management of any homophobia or an antigay locker room environment, he'll sue.

WATCH: Kluwe Says NFL Has a Double Standard

Punter Chris Kluwe asks why team owners allow athletes charged with crimes to play while blacklisting those, like him, who speak out in support of marriage equality.

Kluwe: There Are Witnesses to Vikings Coach's Hostility

Former NFL punter Chris Kluwe says there are witnesses who will back up his claims that special teams coach Mike Priefer used homophobic language among players.

Vikings Coach Denies Accusations of Antigay Bigotry

Mike Priefer and Minnesota Vikings execs both claim the special teams coach is not an antigay bigot and that Chris Kluwe was fired because of lackluster performance.


Chris Kluwe: 'Cowards and a Bigot' Fired Me for LGBT Support

The former Minnesota Vikings punter says he can't be certain, but he's pretty sure he was fired for taking a stand for LGBT equality.

Outspoken Advocate Chris Kluwe Once Again Has No Team

After a season that included speaking out for equality, punter Chris Kluwe is so far without a job.