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Chris Kluwe Takes On NFL & Ray Rice Investigation

Chris Kluwe Takes On NFL & Ray Rice Investigation


Chris Kluwe says it's ironic that a league that is so dependent on instant replays is having a hard time with a different type of video evidence.

The ever-vocal Chris Kluwe wrote an opinion piece for Time magazine last week, in regards to the the ongoing suspension and investigation surrounding Ray Rice's domestic abuse incident this spring.

The former Vikings punter, who settled with the team earlier this year after alleging his release from the Vikings was founded in homophobia and discrimination, questions the validity of Commissioner Roger Goodell's claims that he did not see the now infamous second tape until TMZ released it to the public earlier this month.

In the piece, Kluwe emphasizes the phrase "the tape never lies," a mantra touted by NFL officials and commentators, regarding the value of instant replay for a league that seems to, almost compulsively, review, rewind, and rewatch videotape in order to make the right call on the field. Kluwe points out the irony that a league ordinarily so diligent during game play would be so irresponsible with an off-field investigation.

"Of course, I believe, the NFL, and by extension, Roger Goodell, watched that video [prior to last week]," Kluwe writes. "The NFL employs many people, who are very good at their jobs, to make sure they have access to that information, to get that tape, and the truly chilling part of all of this, is that the people in charge, almost exclusively men, saw that video and made a conscious decision to do nothing about it until their hand was forced by public opinion."

Kluwe goes on to emphasize Rice's value to the league, and the presumed effect that had on a potential cover-up from league officials. "Those in charge felt that a woman being beaten into unconsciousness, right in front of them, did not matter as much as the perceived value of Ray Rice on the football field, scoring touchdowns and selling jerseys."

He ends his piece with a vague, but clear call to action:

"The tape never lies, but apparently the NFL does, and it is past time we held them accountable for their actions."

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