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Trans Man Beaten With Chain After Getting Off Bus in Cleveland

Myles Utz says he was so traumatized by the attack that he considered suicide.

Election Day Produces LGBTQ+ Firsts Around the Nation

Tuesday saw the election of Detroit's first queer female City Council member, the reelection of trans woman Andrea Jenkins in Minneapolis, and other notable victories.

Tierramarie Lewis, Black Trans Woman, Killed in Cleveland

Lewis was shot to death in June but was deadnamed and misgendered by local officials. A suspect has been arrested.

GOP House Candidate: Illiterate Blacks Enabled LGBTQ Protections

Cleveland-area congressional candidate Beverly Goldstein says Cuyahoga County passed the law because of African-American voters who are not "literate."

Transgender Woman Shot to Death in Cleveland

Phylicia Mitchell died last Friday evening.

Cleveland Indians Change Offensive Logo, Keep Name

Major League Baseball team Cleveland Indians will change its logo next year.

Skye Mockabee Is 17th Trans Person Murdered in the U.S. This Year

Skye Mockabee was found on Saturday morning, but initial misgendering from police and media hampered reporting of her death.

GOP Convention Largely Ignored by Social Media

The social media numbers are in now that the four-day Republican National Convention is over, and it looks to have been a dud, with only 1.6 million tweets about it.

Why Ted Cruz Refused to Endorse Donald Trump

One point the conservative senator from Texas wants to make clear: he said he's "not voting for Hillary."

Ted Cruz Booed for Urging Republicans, 'Vote Your Conscience'

Donald Trump says he saw Cruz's non-endorsement speech before he delivered it, and let him speak anyway. "No big deal," he tweeted, noting Cruz did not honor his pledge to support the nominee.

The Best of Late Night's Reactions to the Republican Convention

TV's late-night comedians tackle guns, racism, Melania's plagiarized speech, and more in commenting on the Republican National Convention.

Flag-Burning Protesters Arrested in Biggest Convention Clash So Far

Demonstrators scuffled with police outside the Quicken Loans Arena, preventing some attendees and journalists from entering the convention.

Introducing 'America's Foremost Anti-LGBT Governor:' Mike Pence

That's how Indiana's governor should be introduced, according to Democratic Sen. Al Franken, when Pence addresses the Republican National Convention in prime time. His record speaks for itself.

Donald Trump Blames Black Lives Matter for Violence Against Police

In an interview with Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly, Trump declares if elected he'll task his attorney general to monitor the group, cofounded by two queer African-American women.

Chaos in Cleveland

A last-ditch attempt by "Never Trump" supporters to force a change in the rules was thwarted by Republican National Convention organizers, clearing Donald Trump's path to the nomination.

Trans Folks Can Now Pee Safely at the RNC

After three years of debate, transgender people in Cleveland are finally protected by the city's human rights ordinance. 

Hillary Clinton: 'All Americans Need to Stand Together'

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee spoke about the massacre in Florida at a rally in Cleveland, where Republicans meet to choose their nominee next month.

GOP Convention Planners Preparing 'Protest Area'

The Cleveland convention is expected to have so many protesters, space is being set aside to keep them all in one place. 

WATCH: Cleveland Demands Action on Trans-Inclusive Ordinance

With a trans-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance stalled in the Cleveland City Council for more than two years, activists voiced their frustration at City Hall Monday.