WATCH: 'Not Looking' Episode 2

WATCH: 'Not Looking' Episode 2

If you watched the first episode of the five-part series, you'll know that Colby (Justin Martindale) may or may not have been cheated on by his boyfriend, Rodrigo (played by Queer Eye cutie, Jai Rodriguez). The drama continues in episode two as Colby worries that being single in his thirties will seal his fate as the "Lady Edith" of Los Angeles. Parker, his roommate, tries to console Colby. "I'm sure there's someone else out there for you. I'm sure it's right in front of your face." (I smell foreshadowing. Are Colby and Parker going to end up together?) The oblivious Colby decides to try Grindr as a distraction and is immediately rejected by a very picky top (played by comedian Guy Branum).

The moral of this episode? Never nurse a heartbreak on Grindr when a bald Anne Hathaway movie will suffice. Watch episode 2 of Not Looking below:

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