Conversion Therapy

The latest news about so-called reparative, conversion, and ex-gay therapy and the quest to outlaw it. Condemned by the American Psychiatric Association, ex-gay therapy is based on the belief that a person can be "cured" of their sexual attraction and that conversion from homosexuality to heterosexuality is possible. Proponents of the controversial treatment include the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality as well as Christian fundamentalist organizations. Various means of implementing this therapy include prayer groups, electroshock therapy, and training in gender behavior.

John Smid once ran the "ex-gay" group Love in Action, recently portrayed in the film Boy Erased by Joel Edgerton. Smid now breaks his silence on his earlier work.

January 16 2019 2:43 PM

Lawmakers have been trying to pass a bill banning gender identity discrimination for 16 years.

January 15 2019 2:19 PM Updated

Mathew Shurka was told he was gay because of childhood trauma — and had to "reenact" it whether it was real or not. 

January 12 2019 7:50 AM

A photo sent to a gay circuit party organizer casts doubt on a British man's claims, which give red meat to foes of LGBTQ people.

January 09 2019 5:22 PM

A petition from Truth Wins Out protesting an antigay app succeeded — although it is still available on Google and Amazon.

December 22 2018 7:06 PM

When she was 15, Alex Cooper's Mormon parents discovered she had a girlfriend. What followed is truly terrifying.

December 03 2018 5:03 AM

Billy Lawley is now an opera singer in a healthy relationship, but he went through the hell of conversion therapy before he found happiness.

November 29 2018 1:27 PM