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From the Editor

'Why Do You Have to Say They're Gay?'

Some readers wonder why it's important to cover LGBTQ+ athletes, politicians, and other public figures. Our social media manager explains The Advocate's policy.

How LGBTQ+ Film and TV Changes the Narrative for Those Who Follow

The Advocate's latest issue highlights the importance of changemakers in entertainment. 

Why Queer Visibility of ‘Happiest Season’ Matters

The queering of holiday fare is a step in the right direction.

Editor's Letter: Icons, Innovators, Honorees, and Mentors

We all got here on the shoulders of the previous generation, but the thing is, we don't typically realize it until we become the shoulders that younger LGBTQ activists are now standing on.

Letter from the Editor

"I'm always in favor of recognizing the people who pushed forward through the B.S. to make our lives better or to challenge us to do so ourselves."

Editor's Letter: The World Without Matthew Shepard

Judy and Dennis Shepard took their son's tragedy and built a foundation to make something good out of something so heartbreakingly tragic.

Editor's Letter: Look Beyond Our Surface Differences

This last year, as a response to the world around us, we've changed not just who is behind many of our articles and videos but also the types of issues we're covering.

Meet The 10 LGBT People Who Most Influenced Me

For The Advocate's 50th anniversary, we asked LGBT notables to tell us the five LGBT people who influenced them most. Because I'm the editorial director, I cheated and named 10.

How Do You Boil Down 50 Years of History?

Advocate editorial director Diane Anderson-Minshall on the struggles of creating a 50th anniversary issue.

We're Still Here Because of You

With 2017, The Advocate is in its 50th consecutive year of publishing.

Voting Is More Than an Ideological Purity Test

It's a natural impulse for outsiders--like we in the queer community--to reject the mainstream candidates and lodge a protest vote. But in this election, we must think strategically.

Editor’s Letter: Don’t Eat Your Political Friends

Why aren’t we all fully accepting of those who have gotten right on our issues, often overcoming lifetimes of social pressure predisposing them to hate us?

Editor's Letter: Life After Marriage Equality

When the first nation in the world enacted marriage equality by referendum, the media response was surprising. But also kind of perfect.

Editor's Letter: On How We'll Remember 2015

Like many of us, Matthew Breen will always remember where he was when the Supreme Court ruled for marriage equality.

Editor's Letter: Beware the Snake-Oil Slingers

This may be the year of the hypocrite.

Editor's Letter: The Antigay Backlash Is Under Way

Thanks to Indiana, we can be sure LGBT rights will be a major issue in next year's presidential contest.

Editor's Letter: On Remembering What's Important

As Larry Kramer and Andrew Holleran discuss why they write, I'm prompted to think about why I do — and why I have to get the idea down as soon as I'm able.

Editor's Letter: To Be Intersectional or Illegitimate

Will our advocacy be real and encompass all people who face marginalization and oppression?

Editor's Letter: Thinking Back vs. Backward Thinking

Recent progress in marriage equality has been quick, but with starts and stops. And while a handful of states's officials balk at court rulings, they're being surpassed by the place they'd least expect.