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Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Endorses Biden: 'When You Disagree, He'll Listen'

Biden's former rival for the Democratic presidential nomination lauds his empathy and integrity.

Liz Warren Exits Presidential Race and LGBTQ Twitter Reacts

The last viable female candidate leaves the race and emotions are palpable.

Biden, Sanders Duke It Out Super Tuesday: Live Updates

The two are the front-runners among Democratic presidential hopefuls, but Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg remain very much in the race.


Miss Major, Janelle Monáe Endorse Different Progressives

The gender outlaws flex their influence.

Gay Politician Brian Sims: Why I’m Endorsing Elizabeth Warren

The first openly gay legislator in Pennsylvania explains why Warren is his pick for president.

Joe Biden Wins South Carolina Presidential Primary

The results in a state seen as a must-win for Biden may buoy his campaign.


Sanders Gets Heat in Debate; Warren, Others Take Bloomberg to Task Too

The last Democratic presidential debate before the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday was a lively one.

Bernie Sanders Continues Victories With Nevada Caucus Win

Sanders follows his strong performances in Iowa and New Hampshire as Democratic voters choose their presidential nominee.

Liz Warren Is Star of Debate With Searing Bloomberg Takedown

Democrats confronted the former New York City mayor about sexism, race, money, and more.


Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire; Pete Buttigieg a Close Second

Amy Klobuchar surged to third place, with Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden finishing fourth and fifth, respectively.

Iowa LGBTQ Activists Leaning Toward Warren, Buttigieg

The Advocate asked some politically active LGBTQ Iowans who they'll be caucusing for Monday night.

Out, Advocate's Executive Editors Endorse Elizabeth Warren

Out's Raquel Willis and The Advocate's Neal Broverman stand united in support of Warren, highlighting the presidential candidate's stances on LGBTQ+ issues.

NY Times Endorses Klobuchar, Warren: Brush Up on Their LGBTQ Records

The paper believes both women have the ability to finally rid us of Donald Trump, and usher in a national healing.

Elizabeth Warren's LGBTQ Platform on Blood Ban, PrEP, and More

If elected president, she says she'd lift the blood ban, let the government produce PrEP drugs, and fight anti-trans violence, among many other promises.