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Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood on Kajillionaire's Universal Queer Love Story

"I thought I was much more masculine than I was," Wood tells The Advocate about finding her way into Kajillionaire's singular character. 


Evan Rachel Wood Is at the Border Helping Families

The bisexual Westworld star loaded a truck with supplies and delivered them to families the Trump administration is holding in Texas. 

Evan Rachel Wood Is 'Just Now' Receiving Equal Pay

The Westworld star says her paycheck didn't match her status for the series' first two seasons.

Evan Rachel Wood Played a Predator in 'Allure' to Break Cycles of Abuse

In her new film, the Westworld star inhabits a damaged woman preying on a teenager.

Evan Rachel Wood and Kelly Marie Tran Play Guess Who? #MeToo Edition

"Unfortunately, sexual assault is not a game," says Wood, who testified for expanding the Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights this week.

This Year's Emmy Nominations Are Queerer and More Diverse Than Ever

Out actors, LGBT shows, and shows about poeple of color and women have been noticed.