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Storming the Stage: A History of Disruptions to Advance Our Rights

The protester who interrupted President Obama in June was part of a long history of direct action in the LGBT movement.

WATCH: This Hidden Camera Catches Job Discrimination

Two men -- one straight and one gay -- secretly recorded video of their job interviews at an unnamed company with the same person.

Living Trans, From Iran to New York City

Up-and-coming actress Pooya Mohseni tells The Advocate what it took to come out as trans at 37, offering a riveting tale of survival that took her from Iran to New York City.

Rocker Isley Reust: I'm Finally 'Happy to Be the Woman' I Am

The out musician tells The Advocate her harrowing story of going from near death to releasing new album Blur with all-female band Spectacular Spectacular.

You've Gotta See The Video Tracing March of Marriage Equality

Track how the story of marriage equality came to be in one short video.

Could Antigay Violence Like France's Happen Here?

A revolution on Paris streets is backlash against marriage equality, and two years in, the violence is unabated.

How the Marriage Equality Movement Forgot Its Pioneers

You might not know it from mainstream coverage, but same-sex couples have been fighting for marriage equality for decades.

Hey, Internet: Golden Girl Rue McClanahan Is Still Dead

Social media users are sharing the 'breaking news' of McClanahan's death -- which happened in 2010 -- by the thousands.