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Gay of Thrones

From a hairstylist's chair comes the most cutting commentary you'll ever hear about George R.R. Martin's brainchild. Meet Gay of Thrones. Created by Erin Gibson, Gay of Thrones debuted in 2013 and features Jonathan Van Ness as a gregarious hairstylist, hitting all the major plot points and not pulling any punches. Mixing pop-culture references and incisive commentary on the show, Gay of Thrones is invaluable for any queer viewer of Game of Thrones. And even for those who don't follow Game of Thrones, Gay of Thrones is funny enough on its own to merit watching.

'Gay of Thrones' Return References Pete Buttigieg, Trump's Wall

Jonathan Van Ness wasn't afraid to get political in the premiere of his sassy Game of Thrones recap.

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Funny or Die's parody recap series is back and funnier than ever.

Gay of Thrones Star Slays With Recap Realness

To prepare for this Sunday's Game of Thrones season finale, we dish with the hilarious host of the popular Web series Gay of Thrones.

WATCH: 'Gay of Thrones' Is Back!

Gay of Thrones, the best recap show on the Internet, is back to catch you up on all of the drama in King's Landing.

Gay of Thrones Season Finale Has a Twist Ending

It's goodbye for now to our favorite Game of Thrones spoilers.