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Gay of Thrones Return References Pete Buttigieg, Trump's Wall

Gay of Thrones Return References Pete Buttigieg, Trump's Wall

Gay of Thrones

Jonathan Van Ness wasn't afraid to get political in the premiere of his sassy Game of Thrones recap.

Gay of Thrones is back!

The Funny or Die web series, which features Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness giving hilarious recaps of Game of Thrones, has dropped the first episode of its final season.

In his signature style, the gay hairstylist overviews the gossip from the premiere of season 8 of Game of Thrones to his customer-of-the-week, comedian Bryan Safi.

"Buckle up queen, because the wall is down, there's a woman on the throne, it's the America I wish I was living in," Van Ness proclaimed.

The GoT episode, "Winterfell," brought many of its major characters together for the first time. And Van Ness, in his "Winterfella" recap, reminded viewers of his memorable nicknames for many of these figures (with a few new ones thrown in): Arya Stark is "Baby Kill Bill," Daenerys Targaryen is "Christina Aguilera," and Tyrion Lannister is "Mayor Pete."

Van Ness also cycles through his history of nicknames for Cersei Lannister, the queen of Westeros who has had many hairstyles throughout her run: blonde Cher, Mia Farrow, Dublin gift-shop crown, and now, "evil, no-volume Carol Brady."

He also summed up complicated moments -- like Sansa Stark meeting Daenerys for the first time alongside Jon Snow -- with sassy pop-culture references. "It's kind of like Stepmom, but if everyone was related and there's no terminal cancer," he said.

Or about the moment Snow discovered that he is actually related to Daenerys, who he had recently kissed: "His 23 and Me results came back Ancestry.wrong."

"Turns out he's 50 percent Targaryen, 50 percent Stark, and 100 percent fucking his aunt," Safi added.

Van Ness concluded his recap with an assertion that the GoT episode should have been titled "Looks," because of all of the awkward glances between the characters -- Bran, in particular.

Watch Gay of Thrones below.

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