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5 Tips to Make Your Marriage Proposal One to Remember

5 Tips to Make Your Marriage Proposal One to Remember


You don't always need fireworks and flying doves to make your future fiance remember the moment forever.

So you're ready to propose and have been stressing over how to make the moment just right. You've watched the YouTube videos of spectacular proposals and heard the stories about how your friends popped the question. The pressure to make the day of your engagement memorable can be quite nerve-racking, but you don't need fireworks and flying doves to make your future spouse say yes.

Here are a few alternate ideas on making yours a marriage proposal that the two of you treasure.


Ditch the engagement ring.

Some people love the idea of an engagement ring, but others can't quite pull off the diamond bling on their hairy man-knuckles. If this is the case for your future fiance, think of something else that is just as timeless as a ring, but better reflects the person he or she is. A watch, cuff links or maybe a necklace is still something that your future spouse will keep forever, but may be more of his or her style. (Above: Vintage Van Cleef & Arpels Squirrel 18 kt Gold Cufflinks at


Hire a photographer instead of a videographer.

Making a video of your proposal may seem like the popular thing to do, but you can frame a good photo and put it on your desk. A truly good photograph captures the special moment like nothing else can. Plus, capturing the surprise and joy on his or her face will be better than any staged engagement photo shoot.


Make it a family affair.

Think about who you might invite to wait in the wings until you ask the big question. Getting married isn't always just about you; it is also about your parents, family and friends getting a chance to celebrate when their loved one finds "the one." Make your engagement a family affair if it means sharing the love you have for each other with those who love you most.


Catch them by surprise.

It may not be a big surprise that you are ready to propose. But the way you do it can certainly catch your future spouse off guard. Have his or her friends assist in the set up. Create an elaborate ruse so that it comes as a total shock. A good surprise will bring even the most stoic person to their knees when they realize what's about to happen.


Remember what's important.

It doesn't matter how big of a production your engagement is. All that matters is that you make it special for the two of you. Incorporate the things that you two share together; maybe a favorite park or the place that you had your first kiss. Don't worry about impressing anyone else by how you propose, just so long as you make your future spouse smile.

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