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James Baldwin

Billy Porter Set to Play James Baldwin in Upcoming Film

Porter will also co-write the script about the activist and writer's life.

If You Loved 'Beale Street,' Here's More James Baldwin on Film

With If Beale Street Could Talk getting raves, we look at other screen treatments of the great author's work -- and life.

What Was James Baldwin's Life in France Like?

Magdalena J. Zaborowska's book, Me and My House: James Baldwin’s Life in France, reveals the splendid life of James Baldwin's years abroad.

James Baldwin Helped Me Discover Love

I learned what it could mean for black men to love each other as friends, as brothers, and as lovers -- thanks to the iconic writer. 

Barry Jenkins Set to Bring James Baldwin to the Big Screen

The Moonlight director is adapting the gay author's novel If Beale Street Could Talk

How James Baldwin's Return to America Inspires Us

The writer left out of frustration with a racist country, but the reason he returned reveals the hope he still had as a black gay American. 


5 Black Queer Pioneers You Need to Know

In honor of Black History Month, here are five brothers and sisters to appreciate.

'I Am Not Your Negro' Director on What We're Facing Today

Raoul Peck speaks about how his Academy Award-nominated documentary on gay writer and civil rights activist James Baldwin could not be more contemporary.

Then and Now, James Baldwin Is the Voice of The Resistance

The black and gay writer died 30 years ago. But a new documentary, I Am Not Your Negro, gifts his words on race and rebellion to a new generation of Americans.

The James Baldwin Message for Trans People

James Baldwin felt he was part of his elders' hope for the future. How can we make it possible for young trans men and women to feel that for themselves?