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Japan’s Supreme Court Issues Landmark Trans Rights Ruling

The ruling had far-reaching implications in a country that is still hostile to LGBTQ+ rights, including marriage equality.

Tracking 2022's LGBTQ+ Gains and Losses Across the Globe

From Japan to Argentina, this year saw uneven movement for equality.

Tokyo Same-Sex Couples Start Receiving Partnership Certificates

The certificates don't confer all the rights of marriage but represent a step forward, activists say.

Tokyo Plans Recognition of Same-Sex Unions, But Not Marriage Equality

Tokyo has proposed offering certificates to same-sex couples that would give them access to privileges now denied them.

Tokyo Plans to Recognize Same-Sex Partnerships Next Year

Japan is the only G7 country that does not recognize same-sex marriages.

Pressure Mounts on Japan to Enact LGBTQ+ Protections Before Olympics

Activists and community members rallied in Tokyo as the world's eyes turn to Japan.

Vivienne Sato: 6 Diary Entries From a Japanese Drag Queen

Walk in the heels of a Tokyo drag star, whose story is depicted in Queer Japan.

LGBTQ+ Activists Urge Japan to Pass Equality Act Before 2021 Olympics

The Summer Olympics are set to begin July 23 in Tokyo.

'Queer Japan' Shows the Asian Nation's 'LGBT Boom' in New Trailer

A new documentary by Graham Kolbeins showcases out leaders in the Asian nation's rainbow movement.

How a Canadian Manga Lover Made a Must-See Doc on 'Queer Japan'

Documentarian Graham Kolbeins discusses his journey of chronicling the LGBTQ movement in the Asian nation.

Japan's First Out Gay Lawmaker Vows Same-Sex Marriage 'Will Happen'

Taiga Ishikawa believes his historic election represents a sea change in public support of LGBTQ issues.

40 Fabulous Photos From Tokyo Rainbow Pride

Tokyo Rainbow Pride celebrates Tokyo’s LGBTQ community in performances and a parade held across two days.

Human Rights Group Tells Japan to Stop Sterilizing Trans Citizens

An outdated law comes under new scrutiny leading into the 2020 Olympics.

On Valentine's Day, Japanese Couples Sue for Marriage Equality

Couples are fighting for love in the socially conservative island nation.

24 Sweetly Sexy Gay Male Artworks by Japanese Artist Torajiro

His artwork struck us immediately in an emotional way, reminding us of school boy crushes and the wistful ache of longing.

18 Photos of the Secret Gay Scene in Tokyo

Shinjuku Ni-Chome has the highest concentration of gay and lesbian bars of any neighborhood in the world.

A Front Row Seat to Tokyo's Vibrant Rainbow Pride

Things are finally changing in Japan's capital, and this year's Pride reflects that.

'Close-Knit' Is Japan's First Transgender Feature Film

Close-Knit, directed by Naoko Ogigami, is Japan's first mainstream movie about a transgender woman. 

Watch an Exclusive Clip From Cult Japanese Film 'The Extremists' Opera'

In a film based on her semiautobiographical novel, Japanese actress and cult theater director Junko Emoto tells the story of an all-female theater troupe.