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Jeff Sessions

Students Protest Jeff Sessions's Speech With Walkout, Pride Flag

A group of students quietly but pointedly objected to the former attorney general's appearance at Amherst College.

Anti-LGBTQ Bias Pervasive at Justice Department, Employees Say

DOJ Pride, representing LGBTQ employees at the department, cited many complaints in a letter to Attorney General William Barr.

Attorney General Nom William Barr Nearly as Antigay as Jeff Sessions

Trump's pick previously served as George H.W. Bush's AG.

Jeff Sessions Steps Down as Attorney General

The Republican politician was reportedly asked to resign by President Trump.

Protester Tells Jeff Sessions Trans People 'Will Not Be Erased'

The demonstrator displayed a transgender pride flag when Sessions appeared before the Federalist Society in Boston.

Jeff Sessions Is Trump's Punching Bag. Sessions Deserves the Abuse

The attorney general is feeling his boss's ire, but he deserves the wrath of LGBTQ people and many others.

Southern Poverty Law Center Has a Message for Bigot Jeff Sessions

The attorney general recently blasted the SPLC for referring to a hate group as a "hate group."

HRC: We're Going After Sessions's Anti-LGBTQ Task Force

The president of the Human Rights Campaign explains what he's doing to stop the antigay attorney general's "Religious Liberty Task Force."

Jeff Sessions: Group Backing Antigay Baker Is 'Not a Hate Group'

The attorney general slammed the Southern Poverty Law Center for its classification of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Trump Tells Jeff Sessions to End Russia Probe 'Right Now'

The attorney general has recused himself from the Russia investigation, so Trump's demand is a strange one.

Jeff Sessions's Religious Liberty Task Force Pilloried on 'Late Show'

The attorney general's Religious Liberty Task Force gave The Late Show an opportunity for a hilarious Ghostbusters parody.

Jeff Sessions's Immigration Policy Is Child Abuse, Say Methodists

More than 600 of Sessions's fellow United Methodists have signed a complaint accusing the attorney general of violating church law.

Gay, POC Congressional Members Made Jeff Sessions Stutter

Black, Latino, Asian, female, gay, and Jewish congressmen and women took our amnesia-plagued attorney general to task.