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Kate Brown

Bi Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Commutes All Death Sentences

Brown, the nation's first out bisexual governor, changed the sentences to life in prison without parole.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown: Won't Send Guard Troops to Mexico Border

The governor says Trump's plan to militarize the border is wrongheaded and a distraction.

Oregon Eases Birth Certificate Changes for Trans People

A bill signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown today will make the process simpler, cheaper, and more private.

Oregon's Kate Brown Dealing With Oil Spill

Oil is spilling into a nearby river after a train derailment.

Bisexual Governor Talks About Her Sexuality at Commencement

The uncharacteristically personal graduation speech by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown was aimed at helping the graduates understand the importance of being true to themselves. 

Oregon's Gov. on 'Heartbreaking' School Shooting

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown somberly addressed the media this afternoon, informing them that 13 people are dead after a 20-year-old gunman opened fire at Umpqua Community College.

PHOTOS: Portland Pride Feels the Beat

Portland Pride — where politics, the Boy Scouts, happy families, and go-go boys all exist peaceably together. Keep your eyes peeled for Parade Grand Marshal Gov. Kate Brown, representing the B in LGBT.

WATCH: Oregon's Bi Gov. Emotionally Bans Conversion Therapy

Young people shouldn't be broken down because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, says the state's bisexual governor. And now they won't be -- at least in Oregon.

Oregon’s Bisexual Gov. Bans Conversion Therapy

The country's first out LGBT governor is also the first to sign a ban on conversion therapy since the White House came out against the practice last month.

How Oregon Suddenly Changed Bisexual Visibility

Oregon's Kate Brown and the sudden change in bisexual visibility.

Oregon to Ban 'Ex-Gay' Therapy for Minors

The Oregon Senate today followed the House in passing a bill banning the practice, which Gov. Kate Brown is expected to sign into law.

Kate Brown, First Openly LGBT Governor, Assumes Office With Pointed Inauguration Speech

Kate Brown took office as Oregon's governor Wednesday, promising to leave behind the political scandal that has plagued the state recently.

This Bi Oregonian Will Be Nation's First Out Governor

Openly bisexual secretary of state Kate Brown may become the 37th governor of Oregon.