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Kathy Griffin

Transgender Woman Endures Anti-Trans Rant at Cheesecake Factory

"You know I'm a TERF, right?" another customer said to the trans woman.

Kathy Griffin Suspended From Twitter After She Mocked Elon Musk

Apparently, comedy is now not legal on Twitter after all.

Kathy Griffin Shares Lung Cancer Diagnosis

The comedian, a nonsmoker, will undergo surgery to remove part of her left lung. 

Maggie Griffin, Kathy's Mom, Dies at 99

The mother of the famous comedian was the breakout star of the reality show My Life on the D-List.

Lily Tomlin Officiated Kathy Griffin's New Year's Day Wedding

The button-pushing comedian married her longtime boyfriend Randy Bick just after ringing in 2020. 

Kathy Griffin Retires List of 'Bad' LGBTQ Words Like 'Andy' & 'Cohen'

The comedian delivered a biting performance at the Los Angeles LGBT Center's Hearts of Gold concert.

Kathy Griffin: I Would Do It Again

Despite the extreme backlash that came with the photograph of a bloody Trump head, the comedian has no regrets.

Kathy Griffin Takes on Kellyanne Conway in 'The President Show'

Griffin starred as counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway in The President Show special on Comedy Central. 

Kathy Griffin, Done Apologizing, Is Ready for Her Comeback

The comedian is not letting her Trump scandal keep her down.

Kathy Griffin Slams Former Attorney Lisa Bloom

The fall-out over #HeadGate rolls on.

Kathy Griffin: Anderson Cooper Is ‘Spineless Heiress’

The comedian slams her former friend after he denounced her controversial photo shoot.

KB Home’s Punishment for CEO’s Sexist, Antigay Rant: Nothing

Jeffrey Mezger is caught berating a grieving Kathy Griffin with the most horrifying words imaginable. His employer does little other than hire a crisis management firm.

KB Home Fails to Condemn Its CEO Caught in Homophobic, Sexist Tirade

The company hasn't censured Jeffrey Mezger, who called Kathy Griffin the c word and the d word.

Kathy Griffin's CEO Neighbor Goes on Sexist, Homophobic Tirade Against Her

During a dispute over a noise complaint, KB Home CEO Jeffrey Mezger called Griffin the c word and more.

Kathy Griffin No Longer Friends With Anderson Cooper, Done Apologizing

The comic apologized for a picture of her holding a severed Trump head, but she's still paid a price.

Kathy Griffin Has a Few Demands of President-Elect Donald Trump

Griffin has even outfitted herself with special garb just in case Trump tries to grab anything. 

Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin Discuss Their No-Holds-Barred Relationship

Griffin reveals, among other things, that her sexual banter was never intended to out Cooper -- she just 'talked to him like a gay guy' because she knows so few straight men.

Kathy Griffin to Host 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards

The comedian will host the first Daytime Emmy Awards that will be broadcast globally through online streaming.

WATCH: Ring In 2014 with Anderson Cooper's Giggle Fit

Anderson Cooper's giggle fit was the best thing about his New Year's Eve special with Kathy Griffin.

PHOTOS: We Asked The Stars, 'Who Is Your Hero?'

On the night of TrevorLive, which honored Jane Lynch with its Trevor Hero Award, The Advocate asked Kathy Griffin, Jason Collins, Dot-Marie Jones, and more to reveal the heroes that inspire them.