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KB Home Fails to Condemn Its CEO Caught in Homophobic, Sexist Tirade

Jeffrey Mezger

The company hasn't censured Jeffrey Mezger, who called Kathy Griffin the c word and the d word.

The face of KB Home, CEO Jeffrey Mezger, who happens to be Kathy Griffin's neighbor, went on an obscenity-laced tirade that included homophobic and misogynistic slurs against Griffin and her live-in boyfriend, Randy Bick, for making a noise complaint about a party in Mezger's yard. Outrage at Mezger's hate-filled screed was swift on social media, but a statement from KB Home indicated that officials at the company appear lackadaisical about the company's CEO calling a woman a "cunt" and a "bald dyke."

There's no disputing Mezger's rage or the language he used to berate Griffin since HuffPost obtained a recording of Griffin's security camera audio, yet a statement from KB Home indicates the company has no intention of firing or even censuring the face of the country's 6th largest publicly-traded homebuilder. Rather, the company issued a statement signaling that it is satisfied that Mezger apologized to Griffin while it also shoved some of the blame for his tirade onto Griffin and Bick for essentially being bad neighbors for having reported Mezger for noise in the past, according to The New York Times.

"Mr. Mezger regrets losing his temper and the language he used. It does not reflect who he is or what he believes," read the statement from KB Home. The statement went on to say that Mezger "does not believe there is any excuse" for his rant but that he was responding to a "series of unneighborly actions."

The incident that set Mezger off occurred over the weekend when Bick called the police to report an hours-long noise disturbance on Mezger's Bel-Air property, which the KB Home CEO said was coming from his grandchildren enjoying a pool party. Security cameras recorded Bick's phone conversation with police, which Mezger interrupted with his rant.

"Hey Randy, go fuck yourself. Seriously? You call on my grandkids at 9 o'clock? You're not even the fucking owner," Mezger shouted. Then, the man whose words KB Home board members have yet to condemn, made a disgusting comment about Griffin, who shaved her head in solidarity with her sister, Joyce Griffin, a cancer patient who died week. "You're stuck with a fucking bald dyke who Donald Trump kind of put the heat on," Mezger said, referring to the public evisceration of Griffin that occurred when she photographed herself holding a mask of Donald Trump's head.

Moments later, Griffin, who appeared to have been in another part of the house, interrupted to find out what the screaming was about. "If you're asking Randy what's happening, he called the cops on my 5-year-old granddaughter, you fucking cunt," the man KB Home chooses to be the face of the company, said as he declared war on his neighbors.

KB Home representatives did not respond to The Advocate'srequest for comment.

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