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Michael Bloomberg

The latest news about Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire businessman and thrice-elected current mayor of New York City. An entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mayor Bloomberg also runs Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg News, a 24-hour business and financial television network. While Michael Bloomberg was mayor, same-sex marriage was legalized in New York State, a political move he advocated for, along with the state's governor, Andrew Cuomo. We stay on top of developments so that you can stay informed about this public figure.

Bloomberg Drops Out After Super Tuesday Rout, Endorses Biden

As many Democrats coalesce around the former vice president, the Bloomberg campaign lost relevance.

Biden, Sanders Duke It Out Super Tuesday: Live Updates

The two are the front-runners among Democratic presidential hopefuls, but Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg remain very much in the race.


Bloomberg Apologizes to Trans People for Dehumanizing Remarks

"I understand that my words had caused hurt," the politician said, referring to the use of "it" and "man in a dress" for trans people.

Sanders Gets Heat in Debate; Warren, Others Take Bloomberg to Task Too

The last Democratic presidential debate before the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday was a lively one.

Bloomberg Campaign Tweets About Sanders Lusting After Putin

The satirical tweet is being called homophobic.

Liz Warren Is Star of Debate With Searing Bloomberg Takedown

Democrats confronted the former New York City mayor about sexism, race, money, and more.


Bloomberg Once Vetoed Partner Benefits for NYC Contractors' Workers

As mayor, he vetoed legislation requiring New York City's largest contractors to provide domestic-partner benefits.

Bloomberg Publicly Called Trans People 'It' Less Than a Year Ago

The former New York City mayor and current presidential candidate also referred to trans women as "some guy in a dress."

Bloomberg Slammed for 2016 Remark About Men in Dresses in Locker Rooms

But Michael Bloomberg's presidential campaign says he is dedicated to equal rights for transgender people.

Michael Bloomberg on His LGBTQ Priorities

The presidential candidate and former mayor of New York lays out his LGBTQ platform for The Advocate.

Michael Bloomberg Brings Mixed LGBTQ Record to Presidential Run

The former New York City mayor championed marriage equality, but some say his policies left the most marginalized LGBTQ people behind.


Michael Bloomberg: Trump Is A 'Dangerous Demagogue'

If Donald Trump runs the country like his business, "God help us," said the former Republican mayor of New York City, now an independent.

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Rules Out Presidential Run

He says he fears a three-way race would lead to the election of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

Michael Bloomberg Says He May Run for President

The billionaire former mayor of New York City is now openly discussing his potential aspirations for 2016.

Bloomberg Contemplates White House Run

The former mayor of New York, known for his record as a staunch supporter of marriage equality, is planning to throw his hat in the ring for president.

Bruised and Broke in Bloomberg's New York

Choire Sicha's first book documents the lives, loves, and looming debt of New York's new-media power brokers as the gay 20-somethings try to navigate Mayor Michael Bloomberg's millionaire island.

Michael Bloomberg's Only Just Begun

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's three terms will match those of La Guardia and Koch -- but what of his legacy?