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Mike Pence

Mike Pence Shifts to ‘Gender Ideology’ When Asked About Anti-Trans Violence

For Republicans, everything about the existence of transgender people is framed as “woke” or “gender ideology.”

Mike Pence Runs Out of Gas

His disdain for our community is only outmatched by the hatred of MAGA extremists and moderates for him.

11 Republican Presidential Hopefuls and Their Awful Anti-LGBTQ+ Records

They outperform each other in their hate toward the LGBTQ+ community.

Mike Pence Tries to Shame Dodgers, Calls Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence 'Hateful'

The former vice president, like some baseball players, says the Sisters promote hate — which they don't.

Chasten Buttigieg, Gracing Our Pride Cover, Talks Pence, Pete, and Being a Daddy

Some political spouses shy away from controversy, but Chasten is no shrinking violet. He’s passionate, caring, and pissed off — and ready to stand up to bullies.

Ex-Trump Campaign Lawyer Calls Pete & Chasten Buttigieg ‘Sexual Perverts’

As the father, teacher, and author continues to promote his new book, Chasten appeared on The View calling out the nonstop homophobia and misogyny coming from the right, like Jenna Ellis.

Chasten Buttigieg Powerfully Responds to Mike Pence’s Homophobia

The husband, father, educator, and author took to his keyboard and clapped back at the former Republican vice president for using the Buttigieg family as a punchline.

Pence's 'Political Career Over' as '24 Presidential Nom Slips Away

The former vice president is an archconservative and thoroughly anti-LGBTQ+, but many Republicans haven't forgiven his "betrayal" of Donald Trump.

Mike Pence's Heart Doesn't Work, Has Pacemaker Installed

The news of Pence's condition complicates his presidential ambitions.

What Kind of Person Lies About a Lie that Nearly Killed Him? Mike Does

The former vice president is an empty vessel, but a dangerous one.

Don't You Dare Lionize Mike Pence

The vice president is no savior. He's a homophobe, an enabler, and a coward.

In the Wee Hours, Congress Certifies Biden-Harris Victory

After a day when pro-Trump rioters invaded the U.S. Capitol, lawmakers finally affirmed the Electoral College vote for the Democratic ticket.

Mike 'Pence Prance' Is Mocked by Gay Twitter, Goes Viral

The vice president made a strange entrance to a rally for Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

Harris, Pence Show Stark Differences Over Pandemic, Health Care, More

The vice-presidential debate was contentious, although more subdued than last week's presidential matchup.

Pete Buttigieg Discusses Channeling 'Inner Mike Pence' for Debate Prep

The gay politician spoke with Rachel Maddow about portraying the Republican who can say statements "utterly false with a completely straight face."

10 LGBTQ+ Questions for Mike Pence and Kamala Harris for VP Debate

We don't know yet what they'll be asked, but there are some topics we'd like to see addressed, given their deeply contrasting records.

On Fox News, Pete Buttigieg Lays Into Mike Pence Ahead of VP Debate

Buttigieg is working to prepare Kamala Harris for her debate with the vice president.

Pete Buttigieg Is Playing Mike Pence in Kamala's Debate Prep

The gay politician is helping the Democratic vice-presidential nominee take down a homophobe.

Pence 'Maintaining Distance' From Trump After VP's Aide Gets Sick

Pence is keeping distance from Trump but isn't self-quarantining in the wake of an aide's positive test for COVID-19, CNN reports.