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On Fox News, Pete Buttigieg Lays Into Mike Pence Ahead of VP Debate


Former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is becoming a regular presence on Fox News, appearing  Tuesday night to swipe at fellow Hoosier Mike Pence.

Buttigieg is currently serving as a stand-in for Pence during Sen. Kamala Harris's debate prep; Democratic vice-presidential nominee Harris will face off with the current vice president, Pence, October 7 in Salt Lake City. Buttigieg is familiar with Pence as the former served as mayor of South Bend when the latter was governor of Indiana.

Appearing on a Fox News segment with Martha MacCallum, Buttigieg declined to offer any behind-the-scenes details of Harris's debate preparations but did say Pence will have a difficult time defending Donald Trump's positions and actions.

“You know, you’ve got a professed Christian who is going to be in the position of defending the character of a president who got caught sending hush money to a porn star,” Buttigieg said.

“You’ve got the person who’s been placed in charge of the Coronavirus Task Force, leading the national response for our country, this country, having the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world.” 

Buttigieg did acknowledge Pence's strengths as a public speaker: “So on the issues he’s in a tough spot, but I’ll also say he’s obviously an effective politician and an effective debater; that’s part of why he is where he is.”

Watch the clip below, which begins at about the 3:30 mark.

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