Fearing "gay agenda," group wants names

A group that claims that a "gay agenda" is behind an antibullying program in West Virginia schools has filed Freedom of Information Act requests to find out which students have received the training so far. "I have asked for parental contact information so we can contact these parents to find out if they know their child has been exposed to this," said Kevin McCoy, president of the West Virginia Family Foundation. McCoy has filed FOIA requests with 20 West Virginia schools that have featured the Civil Rights Team Project. The FOIA requests ask for, among other things, "phone numbers and mailing addresses of those students" who have taken part.

The project's organizers say their program is a voluntary one in which middle and high school students act as role models against bullying and harassment. McCoy believes otherwise. "This is nothing short of the indoctrination of children to accept the homosexual lifestyle, under the guise of safety and tolerance," McCoy said Monday. "We have no way of knowing whether the parents know their children have volunteered for this." Project coordinator Paul Sheridan said the project is no secret to parents. McCoy also has filed FOIA requests for project materials. He said they include such topics as "What Can Students Do to Make Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students More Welcome at School?"

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