Colorado adoption bill killed

A committee in the Colorado house of representatives killed a bill Tuesday that would have allowed gay and lesbian couples to adopt children. Witnesses told the state, veterans, and military affairs committee that gay and lesbian couples are being forced to choose one person in the couple to become the legal parent and provide health and other benefits. They said children of same-sex couples have trouble getting medical treatment, registering for school, and qualifying for other benefits like Social Security because only one parent has legal rights.

"It doesn't create any rights for the gay couples; it basically creates rights for children," said the bill's sponsor, Rep. Alice Madden.

Opponents said House Bill 1235 was an attempt to create legal recognition of domestic partnerships, which Colorado lawmakers have repeatedly rejected. State law allows a single parent to adopt a child, regardless of their sexual orientation. Madden tried unsuccessfully to amend the bill to allow a second parent to adopt a child without recognizing the partnership. The committee instead killed the bill on a 7-4 vote.

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