Giants football player calls coach a "homo"

Jeremy Shockey is quoted in a magazine as calling Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells a "homo," but the outspoken Giants tight end insists someone else made the remark. In next week's New York magazine, Shockey criticizes Parcells for comments he was told the coach made about him on TV and concludes by saying, "Let's see how much Parcells wins this year. I'll make him pay when we play them. The homo." Shockey didn't want to comment "on something that's just not true," he told the New York Daily News after the Giants lost an exhibition game in Foxboro, Mass., on Thursday night. "I'm 100% sure I didn't say that," he said, adding that he thinks the writer got the comment confused with something the player's friend might have called Parcells.

New York magazine spokeswoman Serena Torrey said Friday that the magazine stands by the story and the reporting by writer Chris Smith.

"It's obvious that if Jeremy had it to do over again, he would use a different set of words than he used at the time so the writer would not have interpreted his comments the way he did," Giants spokesman Pat Hanlon told the Associated Press on Friday. "Jeremy is learning that there is no such thing as a throwaway line or throwaway word."

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