Stonewall Democrats create caucus for African-Americans

Stonewall Democrats officials said Thursday that the
group has created a caucus to increase the
participation of LGBT African-American Democrats and
shape public policy in support of gay equality.
"The Republican Party is using social scare
tactics to exploit the black community at the expense
of black LGBT Americans," said Jasmyne Cannick,
cochair of the Stonewall Democrats Black Caucus. "The
Stonewall Democrats Black Caucus will help refocus political
discussion on real issues impacting the black
community while pressing the Democratic Party and LGBT
community to address specific concerns of black LGBT Americans."
The caucus will promote legislation with a
specific focus on black LGBT communities, increase the
number of active black LGBT Democrats within Stonewall
and its chapters, provide National Stonewall Democrats with
information on legislative issues as they relate to black
communities, provide political influence with black
elected officials on behalf of Stonewall members, and
foster relationships between black LGBT citizens and
black civil rights organizations.
The Stonewall Democrats Black Caucus will be
cochaired by Cannick and Ramone Gardenhire.

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