Barbie labeled a
transgender activist

The notoriously
antigay Christian group Concerned Women for America has
apparently found the latest warrior in a cultural battle
over transgender rights. But it's not a transgender
activist fighting to make the world a better place for
future generations of youth struggling with gender
identity issues. It's a plastic doll.

The far right
group has noted on its Web site that on the Barbie Web
site,, "there is a poll that asks children
their age and sex. The age choices are 4–8, but
children are given three options for their choice of
gender." These were "I am a boy," "I am a girl,"
and "I don't know." Bob Knight, director of CWA's
Culture and Family Institute, told ABC News that posing
such a "transgender question" has "really crossed the
line." He accused Barbie manufacturer Mattel of being
influenced by the "transgender movement."

spokeswoman Lauren Bruksch told ABC News that the
online questionnaire was the product of "an innocent
oversight." As a general practice, Bruksch said, the
questionnaires at always try to have a
neutral answer or nonresponse option. For gender, this
third option should have been "I don't want to say" rather
than "I don't know," she said. The Web site has since
been changed. (

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