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Tucker Carlson
admits to assaulting man in restroom

commentator Tucker Carlson admitted on an episode of
MSNBC Live that aired August 28 to having
assaulted a man who he said
“bothered” him in a Washington, D.C., restroom
when he was in high school. His statement came amid
discussion of the recent scandal involving Idaho
senator Larry Craig's arrest for lewd conduct in an
airport men's room.

When host Dan
Abrams asked how Carlson responded to the incident, Carlson
said, “I went back with someone I knew and grabbed
the guy by the -- you know, and grabbed him, and...hit
him against the stall with his head, actually.... And
then the cops came and arrested him.”

He went on to say
that men cruising for sex in bathrooms is a prevalent
problem and that he avoids taking his son to public
restrooms because of “all [those] creepy guys
hanging around in there.”

morning, after the blogosphere filled with criticism for
Carlson's having resorted to violence in such a
situation, he e-mailed the TVNewser blog to elaborate.

"Several bloggers
have characterized this is a sort of gay bashing,”
he said in the e-mail. “That's absurd, and an insult
to anybody who has fought back against an unsolicited
sexual attack. I wasn't angry with the man because he
was gay. I was angry because he assaulted me."

Another part of
the MSNBC program included Carlson and Joe Scarborough
assuring viewers that they are not gay. (The

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