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A Gay Conservative Wrote a Fawning Tome on Tucker Carlson. It Flopped

A Gay Conservative Wrote a Fawning Tome on Tucker Carlson. It Flopped

Tucker Carlson

Chadwick Moore may have overestimated the public's interest in the disgraced Fox News personality.

A newly published biography of fired Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson is not doing well in sales. The book, authored by gay conservative Chadwick Moore, sold only 3,000 copies in its first week of publication, which ended August 1.

Tucker came in at number 15 in Publisher Weekly’s hardcover nonfiction category, selling only 3,227 copies. The book, currently 70th on Amazon’s biographies list, also did not make the coveted New York Times bestseller list, Mediaitereports.

The book paints Carlson in an unrealistic light — most of it incredibly flattering to the entertainer.

Moore was frequently invited onto Carlson’s prime-time Fox News program before the host’s termination in April, which was partly related to racist texts of Carlson's uncovered during discovery for the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit against his then-employer. (Fox News also recently paid out $12 million to a female producer on Carlson's show after she sued Fox News, claiming Carlson created a hostile and bigoted environment, which likely also contributed to the firing.)

In light of the bombshell Dominion settlement and Carlson’s abrupt departure from his top-rated Fox News show, one might expect more interest in the onetime Fox superstar. But the biography, which Moore had boasted contains “hundreds of hours of interviews” with the disgraced news personality, is being met with a distinct lack of buzz and minimal sales.

Much of Moore's over-the-top promotional tour was devoted to trolling liberals online, deriding Fox News, and pushing rumors about Carlson’s termination.

Both Moore and Carlson insist that Carlson was released from his contract as part of a deal between the network and Dominion Voting Systems under the network’s settlement with the company. Fox News resolved the defamation suit from Dominion — which brought litigation after several Fox talking heads erroneously claimed Dominion was responsible for widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election — for a staggering $787 million.

Because of the settlement, many of the most prominent stars within the network were not required to testify under oath.

Numerous revelations about lies the network knew it was telling were revealed during the investigations relating to Dominion's civil lawsuit. For Carlson, not only were his racist texts uncovered in discovery, but so were his frequent lies to his massive audience, including his true feelings about Donald Trump.

Editor’s note: Chadwick Moore contributed to The Advocate several times between 2014 and 2016.

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