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Why Wasn't This the Year of Lance Bass?

Why Wasn't This the Year of Lance Bass?

He should be the out celebrity gays continually clamor for. At just 28, Lance Bass already has an impressive and varied list of accomplishments: a record-shattering stint with the band ’N Sync, a memoir on The New York Times best-seller list, a role singing and dancing on Broadway, and a Human Rights Campaign award. Hell, the kid even endured several grueling months of training -- plus surgery -- to win NASA’s endorsement for a trip to the International Space Station.

So why do some of you -- and you know who you are -- see him on the cover of this magazine and scoff? Is it because he’s “just a pop star” -- as though that’s a genre of music that gay people have suddenly rejected? Is it because his coming-out interview in People magazine convinced you that he must be a self-loathing homosexual? Or is he just not your type?


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