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America's Finest City

A Few Questions for Sundance's New Leader

Earlier this week John Cooper was chosen to lead one of the country's most prominent film festivals. Cooper tells about his new post.

Daniel Barnz in Wonderland

Out filmmaker Daniel Barnz arrives on the scene -- attended by the likes of Felicity Huffman and Patricia Clarkson -- with his first film, Phoebe in Wonderland .

Memorial Pedro Kicks Off Fusion Festival

Pedro Zemora face a face to the many people with HIV to many young people in the early 1990s. Dustin Lance Black's latest film honors him and kicks off Fusion, a film festival for LGBT people of color in Los Angeles.

Sundance Shorts Wrap-Up

Though the feature-length films at Sundance often have a higher profile, the short LGBT films programmed there can provide a real hint of what's to come in gay film.

So Long, Farewell

At first glance, Malaysian-born writer-director Yen Tan would seem to have little in common with his new film, Ciao, the story of grieving Texan Jeff (Adam Neal Smith), who learns that his late friend had an e-mail relationship with hunky Italian Andrea (Alessandro Calza). But Tan's art imitates life in unexpected ways.

Billy Baldwin Pleads for Return of 'Dirty Sexy Money'

Actor William Baldwin is half of one of TV's most groundbreaking couples -- his Dirty Sexy Money character is in love with a transsexual, played by Candis Cayne -- but it's one plot that may not get to play itself out, as the show is in danger of cancellation. Baldwin sat down with to talk about rumors that ABC is "de-gaying" its lineup, what the future holds for Money, and whether network heads ever interfered with his controversial story line.

Remembering Milk

When Rob Epstein released his 1984 documentary The Times of Harvey Milk, it didn't simply serve as a memorial to Milk -- it gave him new life. For more than two decades, filmmakers have tried to turn Milk's life into a major motion picture. Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and Gus Van Sant finally made it work, and Epstein, who calls the film "beautiful," takes a look back at the man who inspired a movement and what's become of California's gay community without him.

Recessionary Tremors: Dan Jinks

One might expect a wealthy Hollywood player to be insulated from the financial crisis, but Jinks who produced American Beauty, says, "We've all been affected by it. Anyone who has anything in a money market or an IRA has felt the effects of it."

California Marriage Primer

Nobody ever said marriage was easy, and in the wake of the California Supreme Court's May 15 decision to legalize marriage for same-sex couples, there arises a host of new legal questions that need answers. We went to Lambda Legal director Jon Davidson for the scoop and found out some surprising benefits (New Yorkers, you may want to book a trip out west) and pitfalls (divorce complications) related to this historic decision.

Do you swing?

The new series Swingtown, on CBS, takes viewers inside the sexually provocative world of swinger couples in suburban '70s America. The show's creator, Alan Poul, knows a thing or two about pushing the limits of sexuality and tells us what we can expect from his latest.

The Girls of Summer

The Sex and the City movie offers more of the same. Isn't that what we all wanted?

Virtual Exercise

Getting fit by playing video games is no longer an oxymoron. The new Wii Fit from Nintendo, with personalized training and entertaining activities, won't replace your exercise regimen, but it may be a lot more fun.

What's the Buzz?

PlayStation's new Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz has been deemed the gayest game ever by some gaming critics. Kyle Buchanan and a group of gay friends decide to test the theory

What a Crime

Showtime's forceful drama based on a true crime is revealing -- for the victims and America itself.

Moment of Truth

You may remember coming out, but how much do you think about the moment you realized you were gay? A new HBO documentary lets real people tell their stories of when they knew.

Mister Korine

Advocate film critic Kyle Buchanan sits down with director Harmony Korine to discuss his new movie Mister Lonely about a Michael Jackson impersonator, dropping mushrooms, and why he loves Southern gays so much.

Molding the Next Joan Jett

The new documentary Girls Rock traces a group of mini-rockers honing their craft at camp and serves as an entertaining reminder that empowerment doesn't always mean shedding clothes

Relax, It's Just Sex

It's what comes after that should make you a little nervous.

All Aboard the Pink Flight

Advocate film critic Kyle Buchanan braves the Kathy Griffin-hosted Pink Flight on Air New Zealand and lives to tell a few tales.